Our membership is divided into the following categories: Honorary Member, Life Member, Full Member, Associate Member, and Student Member. Members of the Society are welcome to attend conferences, courses, discussion forums, special interest groups and social activities organized by the Society. Members will also receive electronic publications and information which keeps members in touch with current views and events affecting the profession. Eligibility of membership:

  • Life Member:
    • A person who has been a Full Member for 5 consecutive years or more, and
    • has served in the Executive Committee for 2 or more consecutive terms of office (i.e. for a total of 4 or more consecutive years), and
    • is recommended by two Life Members, and
    • agrees to pay ten times the annual membership fee.
  • Full Member:
    • A person who holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Audiology before 1st July 1997, or
    • is a graduate in a Master Degree or above in Audiology.
  • Associate Member:
    • A person who is working in related fields and show genuine interest in the promotion and development of Audiology, education, hearing and speech sciences.
  • Student Member:
    • A person who is studying for Audiology or related professionals is eligible to become a Student Member.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Society, please fill in the online application form here.

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