Fellow Certification of HKSA is a credentialing program administered by the HKSA CPD Board for audiologists. Fellow Certification of HKSA represents a commitment to professional standards, ethical practices, and continuing professional development. Fellow certification formalizes and elevates the professional status of the audiologists to consumers, employers, healthcare institutions, public and private agencies although no certification program can guarantee results or the quality of care provided by certificants. This certification program is open to all audiologists regardless of membership in any professional organization. HKSA establishes the Fellow Certification Scheme in hope of encouraging fellow audiologists to further enhance their professional practice, and promoting a high level of professional development and ethical practice. By obtaining the Fellow Certification, a member can become a Fellow of HKSA (FHKSA). The Fellow Certification Scheme aims to lay the foundation for the pursuit of registration of audiologists practicing in Hong Kong.


  1. An applicant must be a Full or Life Member of the Society;
  2. An applicant must
    • be a holder of CPD Certificate of Achievement within the CPD cycle preceding application OR
    • An applicant must possess at least ten (10) years of working experience in the field or a related field of Audiology prior to application, which must be made before 31 December 2011. The Society reserves the right to require the applicant to submit documentations to prove his / her working experience.
  3. An applicant must possess clinical experience in the field of audiology within the three (3) years preceding application. The Society reserves the right to require the applicant to submit documentations to prove his / her experience in professional practice and direct patient care.
  4. An applicant must submit appropriate documentations, fees, and signed affirmations regarding the truthfulness of information and the adherence of the Code of Ethics of the Society.


Audiologists awarded Fellow Certification will receive a certificate recognizing the achievement. Audiologists holding current certification status will be eligible to use the title Fellow of Hong Kong Society of Audiology or the acronym FHKSA. The Fellow Certification is valid for one CPD cycle only.


FHKSA must be maintained by a valid CPD Certificate of Achievement. Renewal of Fellow Certification is required for all audiologists who hold Fellow Certification of HKSA at the end of their 3-year certification period. The continuing education component for renewal of certification is designed to ensure that audiologists expand their knowledge. Fellow Certification of HKSA is valid for a period of three years. To apply for renewal, an applicant must:

  • be a current HKSA Full or Life Member;
  • hold current Fellow Certification of HKSA;
  • hold a valid Certificate of Achievement in the preceding CPD cycle;
  • agree to comply with the Code of Ethics; and
  • submit required fees.


As shown in the chart above, Certificate of Achievement gained in the first CPD cycle will qualify a member to become a Fellow in 2011-2014. To maintain FHKSA status after 2014, one must obtain the Certificate of Achievement in the second CPD cycle (2011-2014), so on so forth.

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