Hong Kong Society of Audiology is a voluntary organization founded in 1992 by a group of audiologists in Hong Kong. It has grown steadily over the years and at the end of 2005, it was incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance.

The Hong Kong Society of Audiology Limited endeavors:

  1. to share among members the information and technology in Audiology and other related fields so as to update and promote the standard of audiological assessments and rehabilitation services in Hong Kong.
  2. to promote research in the area of Audiology and related fields with reference to local needs for study, diagnosis, alleviation and prevention of hearing impairment.
  3. to serve as a channel of communication among members and local and overseas professional bodies in matters related to Audiology, education, hearing and speech sciences.
  4. to serve as a consultative body for other professional organizations and community bodies on matters related to Audiology education, hearing and speech sciences.
  5. to serve as social group for members of the Society and to promote their welfare in works related to Audiology, education, hearing and speech sciences.

香港聽力學會有限公司是由本港一群聽力學家於一九九二年成立的一個志願組織. 經過多年的努力, 本會會員人數不斷增加, 並於二零零五年註冊為有限公司以提高本會之運作效率。


  1. 為本會會員提供聽力學及相關範疇之資訊及科技平台, 從而提升本港聽力檢查及復康服務之質素;
  2. 提倡及鼓勵對本地聽力學硏修、診斷及預防與舒減聽力障礙等相關之硏究課題;
  3. 作為會員與本港及海外各聽力學、教育、聽覺及言語科學等溝通及交流之橋樑;
  4. 作為社區團體或其他專業組織對教育、聽力學、聽覺及言語科學的資詢組織;
  5. 為會員提供聯誼活動並爭取會員於聽力學、教育、聽覺及言語科學等範疇之褔利。

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