FAQ on Administrative Regulation Scheme

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What if I am NOT an “Accredited Audiologist”?

You will NOT become an accredited audiologist and your name will NOT be listed on the public accessible List of Accredited Audiologists in DH / HKSA

one does NOT need to become an accredited audiologist to

practice audiology, which means…

  • you can still claim yourself an audiologist without legal liability BUT you cannot claim yourself an Accredited Audiologist
  • you can practice audiology just the way it is now you can still be a member of HKSA (Life or Associate)

I am a LIFE member now but I do not want to join the AR Scheme

  • Your membership status and privilege will remain unchanged
  • You can join individual CPD events (fees may apply)
  • You can join the scheme anytime (by joining CPD program)

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