I have been fitted with a hearing aid but I still can’t hear properly (especially in noisy environment). What can I do? 我已經佩戴助聽器但仍聽不清楚(尤其身處嘈雜環境中),怎麽辦?

If you’re a first-time hearing aid user, please allow some time for yourself to get used to the amplified sounds. You could also make a follow-up appointment with your audiologist for any further fine-tuning of your hearing aid. Auditory training may sometimes be necessary for enhancing speech processing ability.

If you experience difficulty in listening even with your hearing aid over time, your hearing aid sensitivity may be changed. Please make a hearing test appointment with your audiologist to see if your hearing aid can be re-adjusted to suit your present listening needs.

For hearing aid users who need to listen in challenging situations like noisy environment, a digital or analog FM wireless sound transmission system may be beneficial. The talker’s voice is picked up directly from the microphone of the transmitter and then wirelessly directed to the receiver which is coupled to hearing aid user’s hearing aid(s). The Signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced while reducing any ambient noise interference.




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