Online Point Logging System

[20201218 Update: “Name” column added for you to enter your name and have it displayed in the exported PDF file that you may need for HKIA audit purpose.]

The system currently supports ENGLISH ONLY (Chinese characters are not supported in “export as PDF” function). If the event name/title is in Chinese, please provide an English translation.

  • Notes on exporting PDF:
    • Supports ENGLISH ONLY;
    • If you have a long list, the exported PDF file may not be able to show all entries. In this case, please
      • choose “show ALL entries” on the top left corner of the table, then export PDF;
      • If the above method failed, choose “show 10 entries” on the top left corner of the table, then export PDF for EACH PAGE
  • For more instructions, please scroll down.
  • For Online Summary/Record Form, please go over here.

Points Log

Name Name1 wdt_ID UserID Username Name of Event Date Hours Type Categories Role Point(s)
Date Type Categories
∑ = ∑ =


  • How to use the system:
    • The form at the top of this page is the “filter form” for filtering what entries to be displayed in the table
    • The actual input area is below the form
    • To add an event – click “+ New entry” (above the table)
    • To edit an event – double click the cell you want to edit, or click the row then click “Edit” (above the table)
    • To delete an event – click the row you want to delete then click “Delete” (above the table)
    • If your entries do not show up, try click the “CLEAR FILTERS” button above the table.
  • How to export your CPD log:
    • Make sure you have input your name on the first column in the form for each entry.
    • Click the “PDF” button above the form.
  • On mobile platforms, tap the “+” button at the front of the row to expand the row and see the complete data of the entry.
  • Points for Cat 3 & 4 together is capped at a max of 30 points per cycle. You can check if you have exceeded the cap by using the filter form at the top of this page: choose both Cat 3 and Cat 4 in the drop down menu of Categories. The total points at the bottom will be updated accordingly.

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