CPD Cycle 5


1st April 2020 – 31st December 2022

To align with the ending date of both HKSA membership and HKIA registration, CPD Cycle 5 will end on 31 December 2022 and will only last for two years and nine months.


All HKSA Full and Life Members


Gain 45 CPD Points within the cycle

There are two changes in the scoring system in this cycle:

  • In light of the pandemic in 2020, which caused cancellation of numerous events worldwide, and a slightly shortened cycle, the maximum number of points allowed for Category 3 (Peer-directed Activities) and Category 4 (Self-study) activities combined is increased from 15 points per cycle to 30 points per cycle.
  • Category 9 (Humanitarian Audiological Services) and 10 (Assistance in HKSA) are now combined into one category “Category 9 – Promotion of Professional Status of Audiologists”. The maximum number of points allowed for the new category is 10 points per cycle.


HK$2000.00 (one-off payment for the whole cycle)

CPD Point Restrictions

  • Members who successfully enrol into CPD Cycle 5 ON or BEFORE 30 September 2020 may record CPD points earned from events held between 1 April 2020 and 31 December 2022.
  • Members who successfully enrol into CPD Cycle 5 AFTER 30 September 2020 may only record CPD points earned from events held from the date of successful enrolment to 31 December 2022.


CPD members who successfully fulfil all CPD requirements will be awarded BOTH the CPD Certificate of Achievement and Fellow Certification of HKSA at the end of the cycle.

HKIA CPD requirements

HKSA members who are also Members of Register of Audiologists accredited by Department of Health (administered by the Hong Kong Institute of Audiologists, HKIA) are highly recommended to join our CPD program. The hours of HKSA CPD events attended by our CPD members are also recognised by HKIA. For details of the CPD requirements of HKIA, please contact HKIA directly.


HKSA Full members and Life members may apply via online application form here. (Login required)

CPD Board 2020-2022 (Cycle 5)

ChairpersonDr. Kevin YUEN
Internal Program CoordinatorMr. Chelton HO
External Program CoordinatorDr. Anna KAM
Board MemberDr. Kammy YEUNG

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