Our membership is divided into the following categories: Honorary Member, Life Member, Full Member, Associate Member, and Student Member. Members of the Society are welcome to attend conferences, courses, discussion forums, special interest groups and social activities organized by the Society. Members will also receive electronic publications and information which keeps members in touch with current views and events affecting the profession. Eligibility of membership:

  • Life Member:
    • A person who has been a Full Member for 5 consecutive years or more, and
    • has served in the Executive Committee for 2 or more consecutive terms of office (i.e. for a total of 4 or more consecutive years), and
    • is recommended by two Life Members, and
    • agrees to pay ten times the annual membership fee.
  • Full Member:
    • A person who holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Audiology before 1st July 1997, or
    • is a graduate in a Master Degree or above in Audiology.
  • Associate Member:
    • A person who is working in related fields and show genuine interest in the promotion and development of Audiology, education, hearing and speech sciences.
  • Student Member:
    • A person who is studying for Audiology or related professionals is eligible to become a Student Member.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Society, please fill in the online application form here.

Member List 會員名冊

Title 稱謂First Name姓名Membership
Dr. 博士AU Kin Kwok Dennis區建國Life
AU Lee Shing Nelson區利成Life
Miss. 小姐AU Sui Yi歐瑞儀Full
Dr. 博士AU Wai Yin Joyce區慧賢Life
Dr. 博士BOK Sze Wan卜思穎Full
JP, BHBOW Sui May鮑瑞美Life
CHAN Chui Yam Jenny陳翠鑫Life
CHAN Har Rosita陳霞Life
Ms. 女士CHAN Ho Lam Pauline陳浩琳Full
Ms. 女士CHAN Shing Shaina陳晟Full
CHAN Sze Wen Vanessa陳思韻Life
Miss. 小姐CHAN Stephanie Ting Wai Full
Miss. 小姐CHAN Tsui Yan陳翠恩Full
Ms. 女士CHAN Wing Sum陳穎琛Full
Miss. 小姐 CHAN Yee Ting Zoe陳綺婷Full
CHAN Yiu Bong Patrick陳耀邦Life
Ms. 女士CHANG Man Si Menzie張汶詩Full
CHANG May Kwan Anna鄭美君Life
Ms. 女士CHEN Weilu Welen陳煒路Full
CHENG Chi Man鄭志文Life
CHENG Chun Ngai Daniel鄭臻毅Life
Ms. 女士CHEUK Lai Shan卓麗珊Full
CHEUNG Ching Han Catherine張靜嫻Life
Ms. 女士CHEUNG Man Kuen Carol張文娟Life
CHEUNG Pak Pei Arron張伯彼Life
Ms. 女士CHIU Hoi Kan April趙凱勤Full
Ms. 女士CHOI Mei Shan蔡美珊
CHIU Mee Yee Katie朱美儀Life
Ms. 女士CHUA Wai Wai Elizabeth蔡蕙慧Full
CHUNG Sau Han Isabella鍾秀嫻Life
Ms.女士FONG Jing Yee Jenny方靖宜Full
Mr. 先生FUNG Ka Chun Otto馮家雋Full
Dr. 博士FUNG Kwan Yee Keri馮坤兒Full
HO Chi Tak Chelton何賜德Life
HO Kai Ming何啟明Life
Dr. 博士HO Shun Yee Amy何舜儀Life
Ms. 女士HO Sin Ting Loretta何倩婷Full
Dr. 博士KAM Chi Shan Anna甘志珊Life
KAM Ping Kay甘炳基Life
KAN Shuk Yee Margaret簡淑怡Life
KEI Kin Keung Joseph祁健強Life
Mr. 先生KEUNG Kon Him姜幹謙Full
Ms. 女士KWONG Hiu Ching Sonya Themis鄺曉晴Full
Dr.博士LAI Pui Shan Sandy黎珮珊Life
Ms. 女士LAI Sin Yue Celine賴婧儒Full
Ms. 女士LAM Yee Yan 林懿欣Full
Ms. 女士LAU Hoi Yan劉愷欣Full
LAU Siu Ping LucianaLife
LAU Suk Han Polly劉淑嫻Life
Ms.  女士LAW Mong Lam Jessica羅望霖Full
Dr. 博士LEUNG Janet梁紫慧Full
Dr. 博士LEUNG Kam Po Kenneth梁錦波Life
LEUNG Kwok Shun Eric梁國信Life
LEUNG Sze Mun Louisa梁思敏Life
Ms. 女士LI Chi Mei李智美Full
Miss 小姐LI Chi Wai Cherry李子蔚Full
LIU Cheuk Kiu廖卓僑Full
Miss. 小姐LO Hiu Chong盧曉莊 Full
LUK Pui Ki Betty陸佩淇Life
Ms. 女士MAK Cheuk Yan Charin麥芍欣Full
MAK Hai Ling Rose麥希齡Life
Dr. 博士McPHERSON Donald Bradley偉爾Full
MUI Yin Chau Richard苗燕洲Life
Dr. 博士NG Hoi Ning吳凱寧Full
Dr. 博士NG Hoi Yee Iris伍凱怡Life
NG Pak Keung Pak吳柏強Life
Ms. 女士NG Ting Ting吳婷婷Full
Mrs. 太太OLESEN F. J. HenrietteAssociate
PANG-LAU Seung Man Bessie龐劉湘文Life
POON Meilin潘美蓮Life
Miss. 小姐POON Suet Ying Jessie潘雪瑩Full
SEE Kwan Pui Henri施均培Life
Miss. 小姐SHEN Eed沈怡Full
Mr. 先生SO Chi Hoi蘇志海Full
SO Yeuk Hon John蘇約翰Life
TAM Cheuk Nang Ricky譚焯能Life
Mr. 先生TAM Chi Him KevinFull
Ms. 女士TAM Ki Yan RitaFull
Mr. 先生TAM Yiu Ting譚曜霆Full
TANG Lai Fan Joyce鄧麗芬Life
Miss. 小姐TONG Hiu Nam Rosanna唐曉嵐Full
TSE Lai Ying Rosa謝麗英Life
TSE Man Yee Kitty謝敏儀Life
TSUI Mei Sze Betty崔美詩Life
Tung June Hiu Ching董霍曉澄Life
WONG Chi Ming Eddie黃志明Life
WONG Chi Wa Judy王姿華Life
WONG Ching Wah Annabelle黃靖曄Full
WONG Foo Ping Sandra黃富萍Life
Miss. 小姐WONG Hiu KwanFull
WONG Ka Cheong Terence王家昌Life
WONG Kin Wai Ricky黃建威Life
Ms. 女士WONG Kogo黃銥妮Full
Dr. 博士WONG Lai Nar Lena黃麗娜Life
Ms. 女士WONG Lai Wan Livia黃麗韻Life
Dr. 博士WONG Pak Hung Nelson黃柏雄Full
WONG Tsun Ming Tim王俊明Life
Ms. 女士YANG Qingyu Daisy楊青雨Associate
Dr.博士YEUNG Ngan Kam Kammy楊銀金Life
Ms. 女士YEUNG Yuet Ying Louisa楊月瑩Full
Dr. 博士YUEN Chi Pun Kevin袁志彬Life
Ms. 女士YUNG Ching Man Joanne容靜雯Full
Table last updated: 16 March 2017

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